Paul Colman Trio Weary Lyrics

Serious Fun Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dip
  • 2 Run
  • 3 Your Sweet Voice
  • 4 The Killing Tree
  • 5 Home
  • 6 This Is Forever
  • 7 Where Can You Hide?
  • 8 Move On
  • 9 Banquet Table (Part 1)
  • 10 Banquet Table (Part 2)
  • 11 Banquet Table (Part 3)
  • 12 Departed Soul
  • 13 Dear God
  • 14 Big Boy
  • 15 All Around The World
  • 16 Weary
  • 17 Fill My Cup
  • 18 Dip (improvisation)
  • Oh God I'm weary of running
    I'm so tired of going my own way
    The things I do
    Don't have your blessing
    And so I'm wasting life away
    Oh holy God I pray

    There's so many things going
    And I've been tossed and turned again
    So I took a walk in the streets this morning
    And I gave you all my heart again

    The road is long and I have failed you
    I've been so angry in my heart
    And so I ask you please forgive me
    Please put your love (peace) inside my heart

    Two are better than one
    Together twice as much is done
    If you fall your friend can help you up
    But if you walk alone
    Who will watch your back?

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