Trillville Weakest Link Lyrics

The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present Welcome to Trillville USA Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Trillville Radio
  • 2 Neva Eva
  • 3 Get Some Crunk in Your System
  • 4 Goodbye
  • 5 Weakest Link
  • 6 Bathroom
  • 7 Bitch Niggaz
  • 8 Dookie Love
  • 9 Some Cut
  • 10 The Hood
  • 11 Crank It
  • 12 What the Fuck
  • 13 Head Bussa
  • 14 Bootleg
  • 15 No Problem
  • 16 Dookie Love Public Service Announcement
  • 17 F.I.L.A.
  • 18 Crunk Radio
  • 19 Diamonds in My Pinky Ring
  • 20 Be Real
  • 21 Gone
  • Aye it's your boy Don P right ?right Trillville (corlio)
    I need all my *****s to look around (look around)
    You see some hoes in the atmosphere? (I see them)
    You know what they is? (we don't give a **** today *****)
    They the weakest link aye aye (tell them *****s goodbye)

    As far as I can see you're a ***** to me
    As far as I can see you're a ***** to me
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)
    As far as I can see you're a ***** to me
    As far as I can see you're a ***** to me
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)
    You're the weakest link (goodbye)

    Aye yea
    They always asking why I say yea
    'cause I mean what I say
    That how I agree with myself
    And I'm a keep it real
    And you should keep believing
    'Cause if you don't your the weakest link
    And you should be leaving
    Crunk as **** and anit no name
    To the name that I'm scheming
    Like Michele Vic I'm talking **** anit playing ?
    So I don't need a reason
    To knock you out the projects
    Just take your ****ing wallet
    And make it a ****ing project
    And your hoes can't stop it
    Like all around that open ***
    I'm ready to shoot
    When ***** all you do is ****ing pass
    It's the last day of class
    So ain't no need to ask
    'cause I anit your teacher
    I won't let you pass
    I'm Don A..K.A
    Slash Corlio
    Who started this whole ****
    And put chall all on
    And the pro's they don't know
    And the girls ready to ****
    And the only thing left
    Is get rid of you ****ing chumps (Hey)


    Perpetrating *****s always like to talk that bullshit
    I'ma let you feel it when the bullets start to talk ****
    Right out the barrel of my ruggers at you lame hoes
    This is how it goes with my *****es matters with a hoe
    Right through your dome 'cause my chrome is my only friend
    ***** don't pretend to be down when you wasn't in
    Smiling in my face I'ma stab you in the ****in' back
    Dressed in all black with the Tec ready to attack
    ***** you ain't hard I'ma take your *** up off the map
    Peeling *****s caps talking **** running at they traps
    I'm the realest ***** that you hoes Eva seen before
    I'ma let cha know I ain't neva been a scary hoe
    I'm not your average Joe that you seen on your ****ing block
    ***** pop pop as I clock back the ****ing glock
    *****s need to stop talking down up on my gang
    Ima go insane on they *** as I'm busting brain(brain)


    As far as I can see you the *****
    You the weakest link out cha mother ****ing click
    ***** step up if you down for getting hit
    Or quit talking all that monkey *** ****
    I'm cutting out the mizzle
    You getting paid a lizzle
    This sum real ****
    This anit no nursery rhyme rizzle
    I'ma let it get you
    Right where it hit you
    They gun have to stitch you
    Real *****s don't ride with you
    That's why a ***** grillz you
    I see the bigger picture
    But don't nobody miss you
    Your ***** can't even kiss you
    So she about to dis you
    Or better yet quit you
    I'ma real *****
    If she ask I got a ****
    So pass me the swizzle
    I'm gone out tha lizze
    As far as I can see
    You a ***** *** *****
    Its time to fire it up
    Your time expired up
    And when I pull it out
    You get shot up my *****

    Written by: Lawrence N Edwards, Jamal N Glaze, Craig N Love, James N Phillips, Donnell N Prince, Jonathan H Smith
    Lyrics © Roba Music, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC

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