Fifteen We Will Win Lyrics

Lucky Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Family Values
  • 2 Lucky
  • 3 My Congressman
  • 4 I Am a Man
  • 5 Man Against Man
  • 6 Stolen Life
  • 7 Evolve
  • 8 Welcome to Berkeley
  • 9 Mount Shrink Wrap
  • 10 Land
  • 11 War on Drugs
  • 12 We Will Win
  • 13 Sinseriously
  • 14 Payback Is Beautiful
  • 15 When the Hell Is He Going to Shut the Fuck Up Already
  • Sitting around the welfare office
    Waiting for the food stamps to come in
    Our eyes meet and we both know
    Sitting on the sidewalk
    Getting jacked up
    Waiting to be booked and released
    Our eyes meet and we both know
    Everybody knows authority is just abuse anyway
    Everybody knows it's just no use anyway
    So kill your elected officers today
    We will win
    You got your eyes on me when I'm in your store
    Cuz you know I've got to steal just to eat
    But your boss don't pay you shit
    You're one check away from
    Being homeless just like me.
    Lower class, middle class, no class we're all the same
    We got all the bosses, we got landlords, we all play the slavery game
    They've got the guns but we got the numbers.
    When the people are one we will be unstoppable
    Everybody knows employment is just abuse anyway
    Everybody knows its just no use anyway
    So Kill your boss today
    We will win
    At your eviction
    Your landlord throws your shit out on the street
    He's got help from his best friend, the pigs
    There's really no way to explain it to your kids
    Now we're in the soup line
    Next door to the supermarket Mega-store
    We know it's only a matter of time
    Before we kick down the door and
    Take away everything
    And everybody knows wealth is abuse anyway everybody knows it's no use anyway
    So kill your land lord today
    We Will Win

    Written by: Jeffrey Ott
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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