The Velvet Teen We Were Bound (To Bend the Rules) Lyrics

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half-full loses weight once you taste it
so for now my empty glass must mean i’ve chased it
but i’m not wasted and i’ll not waste it
the dealer laced it with a new decree of our separation
how many have you taken?
and i could run off at the mouth
for hours on end, like i’d gone senseless
but i’m just speechless
rendered me defenseless
barred from your presence, my name from present-tenses
and yes, i’ve sensed this
since early august
i’m not dense and it’s obvious that you’re more than just friends
but i’m not against this
i’ll remove our fences
and just hide in these sentencing sentences
till things can start making sense
it’s a roseate opiate ruse of roguish rouge
that brings back my black and bruised blues
the sea, our torpid frames pale upon the beach
entwined in love’s sans, between those sheets

i mean, really think back now
to the very last time you were happy
and yeah, i know, got the job, got the family
got no free time, and still they’ll take what’s left
now we’re running on empty but i know we can make it
can’t turn around
and we can’t change our destination
but when our transmission ends
they’ll rescue us
and we’ll start from where we land
it’s roseate opiate ruse of roguish rouge
that brings back my black and bruised blues
you can’t rob the coppery tide of her cherry-ish hues
the shores of these sheets recant refuse
forget about the wedding rings we lose
only greater love will see us through
it don’t matter now how long we’ve played the fools
we both know we were bound to bend the rules
you should know by now, we never lose
no never, never
you can mock the malleable calms of ancient rule
forever and ever
or forgive them for they know not what they do
whatever, whatever
so rose mary’s baby to sing the truth
for worse or for better
now, the idiosyncrasy when they serve the savants
and the mouth of the iris learns to let the light in
may the end of our times make way for the rules that we bend
times are always changing, but life never ends

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