Eazy‐E We Want Eazy Lyrics

Eazy‐Duz‐It Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Still Talkin’
  • 2 Nobody Move
  • 3 Ruthless Villain
  • 4 2 Hard Mutha’s
  • 5 Boyz‐N‐The Hood (remix)
  • 6 Eazy‐Duz‐It
  • 7 We Want Eazy
  • 8 Eazy‐Er Said Than Dunn
  • 9 Radio
  • 10 No More ?’s
  • 11 I’mma Break It Down
  • 12 Eazy‐Chapter 8 Verse 10 (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.)
  • "We want eazy!"
    Well, clap ya hands then-come on
    Clap ya hands everybody
    Clap ya hands, come on, come on
    Put ya hands together and clap 'em
    Now can y'all say Eazy
    Come on, say it

    Everybody come on,

    People from everywhere gather around
    Checkin' out the sound that Eazy is throwin' down
    With some help from Ren and Dre
    Makin' a way with dope style
    Yo Eazy, what ya gotta say

    A miracle of modern creation
    Eazy E's on the set
    Hyped up with the bass
    And a little bit of what ya love
    From a brother who's smooth like a criminal
    I mean subliminal
    Otherwise known as a villain
    Because I'm ruthless
    When I spot a sucker, I kill 'em
    But most I think know not to deal with me
    Yo, it's obvious, tell 'em who you came to see


    Yeah 'cause this is the way I know you like it
    So you won't strike it
    I took it and I hyped it
    And now that it's done, I know ya pleased
    At how the E just dose it with ease
    Just imagine a crowd screamin', a girl dreamin'
    Just to get a picture of me 'n' my B-O-Y-Z
    From the H-double-O-D
    N.W.A., down with me
    Strong 'n' I'm ragin'
    Turn the page 'n'
    See I'm not a son of a gun
    I'm a gauge 'n'
    Nothin' can avoid this shot 'cause it's hittin'
    It's so cool when you touch it, wear a mitten
    I'm comin' off raw into ya speaker
    Makin' the suckers on the street feel weaker
    But most I think know not to deal with me
    Yo, it's obvious, tell 'em who you came to see


    Aw, never, I'm just too clever
    So, in fact, that no one can sever
    A blow from a maniac and yo, I make it clear
    So a register is all I hear
    Money overturned, then I jet
    To make another hit, for you to go and get
    Record stores sold out because you love it
    Another example of how Eazy does it

    We want Eazy

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