Rasputina We Stay Behind Lyrics

Oh Perilous World Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 1816, the Year Without a Summer
  • 2 Choose Me for Champion
  • 3 Cage in a Cave
  • 4 Incident in a Medical Clinic
  • 5 Draconian Crackdown
  • 6 Child Soldier Rebellion
  • 7 Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken
  • 8 Old Yellowcake Breaking News
  • 9 In Old Yellowcake
  • 10 We Stay Behind
  • 11 The Retinue of Moons / The Infidel Is Me
  • 12 The Pruning
    CD 2
  • 1 The Question of Time
  • 2 Identity Tokens
  • 3 The Humanized Mice
  • 4 The Pruning (Pat O'Brian/Access Hollywood mix)
  • 5 Flood Corps
  • 6 Incapable of Regret
  • 7 Desert Vampire
  • 8 The Contractors
  • 9 Infidel (instrumental demo)
  • "There was a black rainbow
    That rose up and covered the town!"
    Exclaimed Howard Blue, 22
    "I never even had a nightmare
    Or a beautiful dream about this," He said
    As he watched the warehouses burn

    The hurricane pilot
    Swoops into the 25-mile-wide eye
    And he gasps 'cause the size of it was astounding
    The towering columns of cumulonimbus stretched six miles high

    Two friends remembered
    A wooden leg
    With a shoe
    Detached from its owner while he slept
    Twenty-two bodies found tied together in Violet

    Living in a mausoleum
    Making governments of our own
    As the sky turned pink, four horses emerged from the water
    Led by a stallion, they
    Start grazing on neutral ground

    We are the ones
    The ones who stay behind, we stay behind
    We are the ones
    The ones who stay behind, we stay behind

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