S.A.S We Out Here Lyrics

Out in force, we came to get drown,
all of these bitches is whillin’
it’s nothing than pictures and smalling
and they all wanna get with the stash..you
whenever we go into your time,
losin’ ain’t got to knock it,
and whether they come to get fallin’
but you don’t wanna mess with those.

Uh, all I know, rip with the shows I need all my doughs,
designer labels all on my clothes,
and one big room with all my homes,
what is you on, eating put your crew on,
you should school until that ballin player you could call it you call
women sniffin in the kitchen, getting their ..
as I’m chiffin on that Riri CD loud, yeah it’s too strong, too strong
yeah I’m rolling, hide upon your smoking
see the draw I blow is powing,
so you know is got me open, open,
I’m faded, loved all loud like we related
as I’m looking in the mirror like was good nigga you made it,
all fresh to death in the laters,
SAS we the greatest, international get the capital,
crush the rapper you favourite oh
oh make the zap born on the rap form,
fuck this forward way soldiers ’cause they porn,
when you gonna see, really ain’t..but your cheek chose me,
you don’t want friction, you don’t want b
you don’t want walkers, we keep the peace count peach.


All I know these new coming that’s on my flow,
up middle fingers that’s on my fools
with a couple vixin that’s how I know,
what is you want, where the hell were you from
round there we get our crew on you ain’t getting money..
I’ll hear you got that mu on, I’m fire what they look on
grind but I don’t do ..just deliver like it’s new born,
my humble lady in..swerve like this I call..
we’re riding in the wave, stylin for days I’m fly in them place I flew on,
when they come to these women, may like a fat with ogur,
I’m tired up to the ceiling, features let I might blow up,
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up
this f*ck for you if I show up,
your..each slows up, these dudes are..
I play upon them cities, them haters..see me
pinky.. I’ll whip when I come Jay Z
back to flips I re-up now, break it down like it’s easy
knock your chicks I’ll be up town Aka that’s no ..


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