Lil' B We Not Them Lyrics

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The game so ill when I rap with my eyes closed
Niggas think that they seen me that’s blindfold
Niggas that do that, I handle that I rock with this
Then leave ‘em back when the school crack
You see I’m busy B on the mic
Niggas know that I write, fuck that time
Fuck that bullshit, I’m back on mine
I’m back rocking, back super sssh, tank toppin’
Nigga get the plat mad options
The bats ,the ratchets,the boys waiting on you
What you gon’ do when them boys come for deep
Fuck that shit, there’s no sleep
On my part, on my block, on my shit , on my top shit
This my block, I come to your optimal top like Ciroc
I pop, side by ,Cyborg with the shit and
Ain’t no about the time lord, ain’t no about shit that
You can give me that hack off and push that
I don’t wanna have nothing to do with that
You know that, you are at the bottom of the barrel
The bottom of the trunk, but these scare crows know it
Everywhere I sit back and think like these boys don’t know about
How to get the suit like,high and v like high so they scream like
They complaining but the shit got us
You gotta see a new life, you gotta see over
What every a scenery like
If you see me like, I’m supposed to be seeing you
But I see you like don’t understand right
You might comprehend though, you might not comprehend though
People kinda slow ,give ‘em two years though
Give ‘em 20 years though, see them in thirty though
I listen to dirty yo , see to it the dirty click
See me with the one in my hand like the soup shit
Same shit, everybody know that it’s like a king trip
Come real niggas , come back late
Come back soon you know about me
We know about you beat this all real
Thug life real, positive is real
I live my life based on, on and off grills
Honouring my bills, honour in this
Gotta handle ,might have to scramble
Everyday I scramble , I jam
This life full games like a plan,
Keep the master plan in hand and rocking with the same
I’m seeing it boys don’t like playing ,they like playing
I’m not them
They playin’ games, we not them
Based world we’re not them

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