Versus the Night We Have Just Lost Cabin Pressure Lyrics

There Is No Such Place as Away Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 (By Way of a Polite Introduction) Your Gang's Done Gone Away.
  • 2 Johnny Alpha Is Dead
  • 3 Hey, Lazerlips!
  • 4 Wood and Gold
  • 5 I Ate Civilization (It Poisoned Me; I Was Defiled. And Then I Ate My Wickedness)
  • 6 For You
  • 7 We Have Just Lost Cabin Pressure
  • 8 Click Click
  • 9 The Mistake
  • 10 (By Way of a Fond Farewell) Life's a Glitch, and Then.....
  • 11 [untitled]
  • always by me,
    always near within my reach.

    I don't know what I can do,
    but it's not
    like I even care.....

    the liquid in this bottle
    represents my bid for fame,
    my chance to become more than just a name.

    So there,
    I said it out loud,
    I'm just a megalomaniac....

    and I may be so gone
    that there's no pulling me back
    or then again
    it may be you who's going....gone
    when the lights for out for the final time,
    you won't notice that they're gone.
    When the darkness embraces all then
    it's forever.
    You from pole to pole
    for a
    reason for it all then you
    wither away.

    Follow me into the
    sweet abyss.....
    well to bad.

    save your tears for another day.
    for times of ice when skies are grey....
    well i don't mind
    it's not that much
    of a big deal at all.

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