The Scabs We Come Correct Lyrics

More Than a Feeling Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Don't Be So Stingy With Your Pingy
  • 2 Staysha Brown
  • 3 Suzie Got to Samba
  • 4 We Come Correct
  • 5 I'm Not the One You Love
  • 6 Budokahn
  • 7 True Story #329
  • 8 Soul Girl Got a Man
  • 9 Sell Your Head
  • 10 Mo' Magnetic
  • 11 We Can't Find His Head Mrs. Johnson
  • 12 Woman
  • 13 Intoxicated
  • 14 The Headless Samurai of Oatmogie, OK
  • 15 Trippin My Mind
  • 16 Hanging Out With the Horny Girls
  • 17 Fuck Me
  • 18 God's Tongue
  • We come correct
    We come to rock we came to get down
    We came to get busy move your butts around
    Gaddamit we can 'cause we're strickly business
    When we in the house people saying who is this
    You wanna hit were lightning fast
    We're in your face we're built to last
    We're in your town we are the one
    We come correct a thousand suns
    We'll show you how we'll make you move
    Without a doubt get in the groove
    Were built for speed a million strong
    We fill the need don't get me wrong
    We can't stop & we won't slow down
    We're gonna rock this place fuck up this town
    We come correct & that's a fact
    I said we're here to damage to be exact
    We come correct we can't be sunk
    So fuck what you heard fuck what you thunk
    We come correct

    We come correct
    We come correct because there is no other
    That can rock a motherfucker like this here brother
    We come correct and now we're hear
    Can't hit the brake no need to steer
    We come correct get in the groove
    We grab your butt and make it move
    We come correct and when we're done
    We come correct we are the sun
    No need to ask no need to fight
    We got the goods we got the shyte
    We got the hits that hit your block and make you say
    Goddamn them motherfuckers rock
    We come correct I need a witness
    Tell em what I'm taking bout "strictly business"
    We come correct we come prepared
    We don't give a fuck so you better be scared
    We come correct and that's a fact
    We come correct and that's that
    We come correct

    We come correct
    Take a bite bite off a big chunk
    You'll be eating for days you big punk
    We come correct we hit the party like a bomb
    You'll be calling up the folks saying help me mom
    Damnit fuckit put it in your bucket
    Better hug a nut and just suck it what?
    We came to dance we came to mingle
    Sorry bout your girlfriend she said she was single
    We come correct we came to rock
    We come to fuck so fuck the small talk
    We come correct we came to rule
    We came to take it back to the old school
    We came to party rock your body
    So all the ladies in the house can get naughty
    Grooveline, slowpoke, cocopuff, snizz
    Spread, razor and the sauce strickly taking care of biz
    We come correct we know you'll cum
    We come correct we are the sun
    We come correct

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