AZ feat. Amar We Can't Win Lyrics

Doe or Die Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Uncut Raw
  • 3 Gimme Yours
  • 4 Ho Happy Jackie
  • 5 Rather Unique
  • 6 I Feel for You
  • 7 Sugar Hill
  • 8 Mo Money, Mo Murder (Homicide) / Born Alone, Die Alone
  • 9 Doe or Die
  • 10 We Can't Win
  • 11 Your World Don't Stop
  • 12 Sugar Hill (remix)
  • [Intro: 5 Percenter talking]

    Yo God, do the knowledge, God, it's like this
    This world is ruled and controlled by societies
    That exists with the societies, that exists, with the societies, God
    You understand?
    These secret societies is manouvering within society to control society
    That's why society is outta control
    33rd and one third, I heard the illuminated ones, huh

    [Verse 1: Amar Pep]
    The last days we're facin, that's the case when the emanicpation
    Proclamation decays, back to the plantation
    The government plottin a nuclear detonation
    Destroyin vegetation, water, the New World Order means starvation
    The eye on the dollar symbolize illumination
    A society, secretly overseein population
    Understand it, the government plans to enslave the planet
    I'm trapped in a phase, thinkin of ways, can it
    Happen? 85 percent of the population nappin
    Prayin in churches, catchin the Holy Ghost clappin
    Across the border travelin', I found the Nile across the water
    Teachin my peoples the age of the New World Order
    Twenty five to click blood line, we toast off wine
    Snap clips in 9's, with minds more advanced than Einstein
    And Murman, knock down walls like Berlin
    To get out, we can't get in
    We can't win

    We can't get out and we can't get in
    We can't get out and we can't get in
    We can't get out and we can't get in
    We can't get out!

    [Verse 2: Barsham]
    See I, wrote up a composition, I made a decision
    For competition, some invite lifestyles that I be livin'
    Wit tribes I been in, wit the little brothers that's sinnin
    So I started to vision, crack fiends formin
    In a collision, my mind is in that position for soul fishin
    My only dream was to be a musician
    Better yet a mortician, that's the life condition
    Cos everybody knows they gonna die, crackers livin' lies
    I Inovise plus I feels the vibe, mother cries
    Plenty mothers that tries, now that she knows her son's gonna die
    Take a trip, pass the line, now ease
    The mind escape from the crimes of New York times
    Cos I'm one of the brothers who made it throughout the others
    The Rotten Apple's tryin to break loose from these shackles
    No doubt, I follow routes, guzzlin Hennessey, mixed wit 'stal
    In the ghetto, we can't get out
    We can't win


    [Verse 3: AZ]
    Nothin can stop the nation, elevation, daily operation
    Since man creation, we increase the population
    Proper education, got us tappin in information
    Preventin from gettin locked under top-secret investigation
    Guiliani's part of Illuminati
    A million minds in one body designed to decline society
    They want at least 1.2 billion deceased
    While the rest is left with the mark of the beast on their domepiece
    Prepare, the signs of the times now are near
    That outbreak scare, found in Zaire, soon be here
    So tune your ears, and be saved from a slave
    Cos in a matter of days I'mma E-Q your brainwaves
    AZ the Visualiza is wise as Elijah
    Here to advise ya, and bring out the realness that's up inside ya
    Intoxication, my voicebox rocks the nation
    Street affiliation, the Doe Or Die situation

    [Hook x2]

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