December Wolves We Are Everywhere Lyrics

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feeling the jealousy drip from your chin.
Feeling your envies flood for the taste of supremacy's churning blood.
A primitive force with which we control,
a gift devine, by which we are bound.
And to see what we see with our burning red eyes.
To be one of us is something you wish you could dream of.
No way to end us! with centuries carved in our hearts.
To know our minds would be a lesson from you know who we are,
we're everywhere and we control your fucking minds!

Completely Dehumanized Track Listing
  • 1 Conditioned by the Thoughts That I Transmit to You
  • 2 Completely Dehumanized
  • 3 We Are Everywhere
  • 4 Time Flies When You Wish You Were Dead
  • 5 Friday the 13th
  • 6 The Gard Division
  • 7 My Bible
  • 8 Not With Tainted Blood
  • 9 To Kill Without Emotion
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