Virgin Steele We Are Eternal Lyrics

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The sun will rise
Our golden prize
No shadow fall
Upon our lives
The sands of time
Won't fall for us
No ash to ash, no dust to dust
Eternal summer waits for us
Our bodies bronze, we thirst, we lust
The changes of the years, won't touch us- no!

We are eternal
We are young, we are strong
We are immortal, the life force is in our hands
On we go through seas of time
We hear the voive, we drink the wine
I build, you burn, then one forgets
The evils of the innocent
A face of wonder, a heart will cry
The stain of death upon her eyes
A moment caught in time
I'm alive!

We are eternal
We are immortal
We are the flame that never dies!
We are eternal
We are immortal
We'll never die!

Written by: David Dion De Feis, Edward Pursino
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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