Pat Green We've All Got Our Reasons Lyrics

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As we speak my sister's packing up the speakers on her stereo
She's out the door on the man she'd love forever a couple years ago
He's a stand up guy so I don't know why she would ever leave him
I guess we've all got our reasons

There's a guy we got loading trailers on the dock
Must be out of his mind
He's got a couple of degrees from some university, he's way over qualified
We all wonder what is is about this work the genius finds so pleasin'
I guess we've all got our reasons

There's history and mystery hidden beneath our skin
It's all a part of who we are and the life we live

If I ever get to heaven and I got one question
Hope the Good Lord ain't offended
Gave me a world of pain between the cradle and the grave
Is that what was intended
I don't have to know why he put the stars in the sky
Or fooled with the changes of seasons
I guess we've all got our reasons

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