Blanks 77 We're the Ones Lyrics

Killer Blanks Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Party Train
  • 2 Chelsea
  • 3 Punx and Skinz
  • 4 Search and Destroy
  • 5 Next Generation
  • 6 Final Solution
  • 7 Bastards
  • 8 She's Gone
  • 9 Let's Riot
  • 10 Police Attack
  • 11 We're the Ones
  • 12 Spirit of 77
  • 13 What You Get
  • 14 Sick
  • 15 Tension
  • 16 We Don't Need You
  • 17 Automatic
  • 18 Do or Die
  • Gotta make it happen, gotta go for the gold
    gotta make a change before you get too old
    express yourself but don't expose
    show yourself thru your hair and clothes

    we're the ones
    that are gonna make it
    we're the ones that ain't
    gonna take it no more
    you're bangin your head against the wall
    can't you see the writing it's on the hall
    we've seen it all, it's happened before
    now it't time to make you roar


    gotta get away get me outta here
    futures looking hazy, step back and see it clear
    what cha gonna do, i'm givin' you a clue
    take your time, decide before you say you're thru


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