Phoebe Snow We're Children Lyrics

Never Letting Go Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Love Makes a Woman
  • 2 Majesty of Life
  • 3 Ride the Elevator
  • 4 Something So Right
  • 5 Never Letting Go
  • 6 We're Children
  • 7 The Middle of the Night
  • 8 Electra
  • 9 Garden of Joy Blues
  • We're children at the awkward stage
    With moods we can never show
    That's why it's best to turn this page and go
    Just go--just go--just go--just go

    You never stay around when I'm feeling fine
    You're back in time for pain
    And so my love some bad news
    Your ring fell down the drain

    You're staring so I turn my head
    My eyes give it all away
    It hurts to know we still have things to say
    To say
    To say
    To say
    To say

    Repeat chorus

    You're leaving but I'm not afraid
    Or lost without company
    I'll spend this time with somone new
    Me, it's me, it's me, it's me

    Repeat chorus

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