The Lonely Island We’re Back! Lyrics

aye yo, new lonely island, 2011
let's get 'em kiv!
aye yo my d___ don't work, that s___ is soft as a pillow
my girlie lookin' at me like "you for real dude?"

aye yo, hold up, hold up, we gotta come harder than that! yo tell 'em andy!

i think there might be something wrong with my d___
it's like a melted stick of b___er so soft that it can't fill a rubber.

aye yo come on man, this is lonely island, people are countin' on us, i gotta run all these m_________ers myself! whoo!

aye yo i think i broke my d___ in the sink
it's so small and ugly, all smashed and flat like it was playin' rugby.
hold up hold up, this is serious, kiv let 'em know!
yo for real though, i suffer from stinky d___.
every time i take a p___ it smells just like s___.
haha yeah that's what i'm talkin' 'bout! andy show 'em how it's done!

my d___ looks like the fat that you cut off a steak, smashed in like my b____ went and stepped on a rake.

lonely island! grammy nominated, yea! hit 'em again!

yo straight out the box with my soggy little shrimp
i was a eight year old girl before the doctor found my d___.
we make too much money for this s___, murder music!
i s___ the bed cause my d___ played a prank on my b___
hit em! straight crept when i slept and stuck a laxative up..
suppository music! whatchy'all know about incontinence?!
i got hepatitis c from horse, but no confusion, jeah!
it wasn't from the s__ it was a blood transfusion!
what?! m_________er got horse blood! what y'all got?

i write freaky fan fiction where cartoons f___
got cgi garfield lickin' marmaduke's nuts
whoo! i would like to see that! this is that garfield s__ music! now ya'll just showin off! preach!
i got a friend named reggie who lives down at the dump
every other week i swing by and bring him some lunch
oh!! now that just sounds nice!
ima call it right there, game over m_________ers!
lonely island, we started this fake rap s___! the world needs us!

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