Ultramagnetic MC’s Watch Your Back Lyrics

Mo Love's Basement Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 People Can Talk
  • 2 Rhythm X
  • 3 Message in the Music
  • 4 Kool Keith Wild
  • 5 Fuck You
  • 6 Delta Force
  • 7 Wack MC's
  • 8 Intermission
  • 9 Talkin Out Ya Ass
  • 10 Watch Your Back
  • 11 Freestyle
  • 12 You Ain't Shit
  • 13 Sheriff Is Scared
  • 14 D to the N

  • (singing:UHUHUH!)


    This job closed out indeffinitly!

    Ced Gee:
    Check out this rap beat
    (Repeat 3x:YING HO!)

    Kool Keith:
    I turn my radio on, than turn it off
    Cause rappers are gettin' wack now, I'm commin' back now
    Step aside and hear from Rhythm X now, but not later I'm totally awsome
    And brain damage, I totally caused them
    Doo Doo on the microphone, I'm passing tissue
    Blow up my new style, and bust the issue
    While rappers get a ticket and form a line doe, but they can't see my thoughts are hard to find doe
    As I step back and urinate on MC's, awww I have to shake off my "pee pee"
    As you get dumb, your fifth mind gets sleepy
    Now dont you jock, and here's a number to beep me
    One at a time, get your papers and pens out
    Rappers with contacts, I'm pullin' your lens out
    Rectum out, any hole I check dem out
    Stabbing your brain with a nice sharp rhyme, but can't hang and further wasting time
    And that video, commin' out on the radio
    Wacky though, screamin' hard and silly though
    What can I say, when I'm hearin' your wack tape
    I copy, or duplicate, and how 'bout a remake
    Remix, refix, regroup, resound, rewind
    Take it out of my tape deck, cause I'm not impressed with the dutie you makin'
    Hollerin', screamin', steady shoutin' your lungs out
    Who cares, you sound stupid and bugged out
    With that same concepts, same rhyme, same style
    Look in the mirror, and listen close for a while
    As I flow, change my rhythm and show
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, MC's
    The miracle, dope and hype, that political not your type
    Rappers beware, Watch Your Back

    (Chorus repeat 3x: YING HO!)

    (Kool Keith)
    As I sneak up a step two, walk and suprize you
    Look on stage and see the X behind you
    Rappers know the deal, they makin' toy money
    Doin' promo, gigs for little boy money
    I know the game, but they tryin' to flex though
    The can't fool, the betterin' Rhythm X though
    Cause I'm tour, tourin' Europe and Denmark
    While you in New York, bitin' hard on my pen mark
    Copyin' rhymes, tryin' to be like Kool Keith
    I'll battle myself, now tell me is that cool chief
    While I lay calm, collect my cash from Polygram
    I treat MC's, like a girl with a diaphram
    No time for happy rhymes, dancin' and stinkin'
    You'll never know what the X'll be thinkin'
    While I move quick though, to find me a victo
    Posse of rappers, watch me show 'em who's slick though
    Give 'em my old style, switch and than complicate it
    How many brains are smart enough to reduplicate it
    You can't think striaght, and she can't see straight
    Look in the toilet, I'll bet you both can't pee straight
    Girl rapper 1, male solo 2, look at the odds and bring a group and a crew
    Cause I'm ready, runnin' hot like a thorough bread
    But you can't win, and beat the X with an arrow head
    Cause I ride around and check MC's like detectives
    Look at my fouls, check the other perspectives
    While I get a pen and mark an X on a wack list
    X on popcharts, and some on blacklists
    Many wanna perpatrate, your crossin' over
    Soundin' like babyface, yo flip 'em rover
    But I don't sing, and on a song like pebbles
    Acontradict, and talk stupid like rebels
    Tell me somethin', did you clock at the right time?
    Cause I get deppressed, and hit MC's with the right rhyme
    Look at you buggin', get me down with a fantasie
    Gangsta mac, yo probably lookin' at politics
    Circus clown, prostitutes on stage
    Watch Your Back

    (Chorus Repeat 2x)

    (Kool Keith)
    See I'ma pluck your card, you ain't sellin'
    Promotion and billboards, who you tellin'
    Hype as the hypest, as hype as you can get
    You still wack, don't try to lie to me black
    So what you get jerked, stupid pictures and word up
    But I like a compasit, "pee pee" on them and tear 'em up
    ? please, Im on my ?
    I read for education, and metaphor, who cares who not I'd rather stay on the ground
    Cause money is green, and truth is the funky sound
    Don't even bother tryin' to gossip and diss me
    Cause I'mma get mad and throw a rhyme and a stunt gun
    And shock up your brain, and show your baby I got one
    Beware, I'm stashin' piece like a scrambler
    The hypest, dopest, the metaphor gambler
    As I move, checkmate, and tap on a time clock
    My rhythm is flowin', stupid fast and a rhyme ?
    But you look dumb, stupid, silly and fool boy
    You better go back, take your rhymes to school boy
    Learn to stop, Jock it a while, bite it a while
    See the X on his capitols, Check it out
    Take the mic on stage, What You Back

    (Chorus repeat 4x)
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