Gorilla Zoe feat. Yung Chris Watch Me Lyrics

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So where your swag at? Huh?
You swagged out (yeah)
You got these hoes walkin 'round with they *** out, (damn!)
Can you see the shittin on these *****s and they asked out, (yuh)
So where your swag now? Huh?
You swagged out now.
Watch me [Repeat: x7]
Watch me [Repeat: x7]
Watch me

With some Louis shoes, (Louis shoes)
The Louis bag, (Louis bag)
The Louis hat, (Louis hat)
The Louis rag, (Louis rag)

See you swagged today,
But its gone tomorrow,
Where your swag at?
I guess your swag is borrowed. (they say)
Diamonds are a girls best friend (best friend)
Yeeah, I just use 'em as a wrist band.
Do these True Religion jeans make me Christian?
And are these Christian Dior's for a blind man,

'Cause they're so dark, I cant see y'all,
A ***** need a flash light just to see y'all, (yeah)
Turn my wrist into a flash light to see y'all,
And turn my watch into a glow ball, weed ball, (lets get some)


When I wear my watch,
I can't help but notice
That it's time to shine,
So I'm Mr. Focus,
I'm looking for the rakes, I'm looking for the stakes,
You, the Stacks on Deck, then where the money at?
Where the whips at, where your *****es dog,
Stand and brace yourself, looking like a sick dog.
So many hoes on my balls I can't get 'em off,
So many cars in my garage I can't even ball,
And we don't use cash no more, (yeah)
What you use is credit cards now
Okay, what else, yeah it's bank cards now,
Okay, what else, the bank calls us now, (lets go)


Back from the future,
Future looking gist,
Swag so sick,
I could of been a gypsy,
Scarred from my neck, just like I was a pilot,
Swag so sick, you would of swore I had a stylist,
Your money showed up, but **** my money piled,
Glowing bands in the club, man I call that **** whylin'
Swagga jack a *****, man that **** childish,
I been had swagger ever since I was a child, (*****)

These *****s looking sick, I guess they swag is missin', (it's lost)
You could call me for some Swag Assistance, (right now)
All I ask is that you pay tuition, (its life)
And read the terms and conditions, (GO)


Watch me (****er watch) [Repeat: x6]
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