Wargasm Wasteland Lyrics

Why Play Around Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 Wasteland
  • 2 Revenge
  • 3 Bullets And Blades
  • 4 Undead
  • 5 Merritt's Girlfriend
  • 6 Sudden Death
  • 7 Wargasm
  • 8 Le Cou Cou
  • 9 Humanoid
  • Nothing lives nothing breathes a silent wind will blow
    A darkness lies upon this land sent to us from below
    A nothingness no one will see a terminated sky
    A deadly pall of glowing grey nothing left to die

    War after war in the homeland bomb versus bomb in the sky
    A curse upon the earth itself a planet too can die
    A race for control of the planet idiots ordering war
    Multiple megaton pile-up knowing too well what they're for

    A mutant race of tortured souls of warped flesh and bone
    Inhabit this dead planet now a lifeless slab of stone
    A stinking cloud lingers here we cower in our caves
    We care not where the future lies atomic zombie slaves

    Do you remember long before your mutant mind was born
    Your memories are a murky mist from your mind they've been torn
    Kill them all survival first your instincts taking hold
    Protect what's yours collect some more a circle now unfolds

    Written by: Barry Wayne Spillberg, Richard Mark Spillberg, Robert Mayo
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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