The Scabs Wasted Lyrics

Destroyer Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Pay at the Pump
  • 2 Beatomatic
  • 3 Astronaut
  • 4 T'uela Me la Pela
  • 5 Dizzy Stick
  • 6 Good
  • 7 Fernie's Groove
  • 8 Karmasutra
  • 9 Vagina
  • 10 Vampirella
  • 11 Baila Mi Hente
  • 12 Wasted
  • 13 Cornbread
  • 14 H.E.B.
  • I ain't gonna wait around now
    For you to come back down then try to fly away
    And watch the angels drag you back down to the ground

    Ain't gonna work it out ain't gonna sit back baby
    And watch the pieces fall you're black and blue honey and I can
    See it all

    All your angels can't save you now
    All you've loved is wasted

    Baby you can't tell me now how
    Your gonna figure out some way to make the world fade down
    Everything you've known is wasted

    Baby better watch your back now
    Now you ain't got no one on your side now and it's a
    Long lonely ride to nowhere

    I'm gonna pack it up now
    I'm gonna get the **** out and you can tell the whole town
    That I'm just a loser baby

    You can spread your lies thin now
    You can tell 'em anything I don't mind
    And I sure as **** don't give a **** about what you have to say

    Written by: Benji Madden, John Feldmann
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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