The Unseen Waste of Time Lyrics

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You want to think I have a problem
Well think again it lies within you
You act so rude and immature
Well ill act the same I won't acknowledge you
But yet you still want to run your mouth
Why even waste the time
I despise your whole existence
And that's the bottom line

Your a waste of time
Don't waste my time

[chorus: x2]
No need for adolescent gossip
Fact is that you need to grow up
Don't concern yourself with my life
Because I could care less what you do

And you say hello to my face
Ingrates and sellouts to our backs
Its no miscommunication
Guts is something that you lack
Your a jealous bitter waste of time
There is no need to pretend
I don't owe you thing
Your not my friend

Your a

Waste of time
Don't waste my time


You wonder why I feel like this
Come on open up your eyes
Your outcries are so pathetic
That is why I say

Your a waste of time, don't waste my time


[Repeat: x4]
I could care less what you do

[Repeat: x7]
Your just a waste of time

Your just a waste of my time

Written by: Raphael Saadiq, Calvin Cordazor Broadus, David Lynn Young, Robert C. Jr. Ozuna
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Songtrust Ave

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