K’naan Wash It Down Lyrics

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When you hearin' the water, you feel like a turtle
Releasin' your tension, the stress and disorder
It's big in America, Stephanie, Erica,
Both of them suffer from livin' in hairy 'cause
Livin' is very competitive, hasslin' creditors, hazardous accidents,
Driving with negligence, too many beverages,
People got too many things on they lettuces.
TV's deadliest, professin' the ugliest: war, war, war, WAR!
What the hell you keep on killin' me for?
Please, won't you come and bend down low?
Let me tell you what little I know,
And if it's worth somethin', spread it indeed
Like **** and vomit that's under your feet.
I was born in a pot, boilin' black and hot,
Waitin' to be tasted and rappin' a lot.
But justice would not come and eat my flesh,
Instead, I had poverty to feed my stress,
Until my life became an ode to the gun,
Not needed, like a overcoat to the sun.
So, I thought I was just made to exist,
(Tss, yeah) not to live or change and resist.
But fear will have you believin' fear,
Paralyzed have you bleedin' tears.
This is the therapy needed, so use it.
Music is water, you know what my proof is? (What?)
People need music like they need excuses (Ha)
People need water like Kanye needs Jesus.

So wash it down (wash it down)
Wash it down (wash it down) [Repeat: x7]

(Spoken) I know you stressin'
This is a little meditation for you to relax,
And jump in the pool, and, you know, sink and sink!

My people drum on water,
Drink on water,
Live on water,
Die for water.

My people drum on water,
Drink on water,
Live on water,

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