Lil’ Flip Warrior Lyrics

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Ay I'm tired of all this talkin'
I don't know what y'all heard
But I'm a warrior, let's go

Real *****s (what up?) Clover Geez (What up?)
If you ain't talkin' 'bout fightin' then you need to (shut up!)
I'm a warrior *****, I ain't scared of you *****
I'm a gangsta boy, I'll put led in you *****

If you diss Lil' Flip I'm a find you *****
If you forgot I'm a G I'm a remind you *****
I got pimps on my team that'll cut you up
Man, I got pimps on my team that'll **** you up
I ain't never been a hoe, I never run from a fight
I'm the one the hoes love but the *****s don't like
Cause I made it out the hood now my team doin great
*****s finally get a brick now they think they got weight
*****, I been straight you the one goin broke
I got 300 grand around my throat
Cause I'm the hardest MC reppin' H-Town
You keep playin I'm a leave you with your face down


Huh, *****s know me I ain't scared of a ***** *****
Cause you know a roach ain't **** to a rich *****
And just because you heard I rap you don't know a *****
Now gimme that, that ain't the right way to hold a pistol (stupid)
You toy soldiers gon catch five and roll over
While me and the other Clover Geez blow doja
And if you ***** made
I'm a run across your face with a switch blade, now take that


I be in Memphis 10, I be with Juice and Paul
I get money from Skinny Pimp (why?) cause that's my dog
I be with killers and convicts that put in work
I can blow five mil' and it will not hurt (damn!)
Cause I learn the game before I earn my change
And I will pay you back if you mention my name
Huh, it could be the mailman at your front do'
Or it could be your biggest fan in the front row
I like drama so call your momma I got a llama
That's what you get ***** for ****in' with a big tymer
A rich ***** with chrome triggers for all y'all
And if it's **** me, you know it's **** y'all

[Chorus: x4]
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