Varathron Warrior's Nightmare Lyrics

I'm Aurelius The Personal Advisor
Tleilaxu, The Warrior King of Allysia
Tleilaxu Is A Man of Unquenchible Desires
He Lives For Adrenaline And Blood of War
He Is Cunning As Well As Skilled
In The Martial Arts Has Led Many Armies
Against The Barbarians
That Have Misfortune
Of Residing In Neighbouring Lands !!!
Soon His Empire S[reads Accross
The Continent Until He Grows
(Weary) And Restless From
The Ease of Victory
Someday, Th Spirit Comes In His Dream
And Ask Him: (Like A Fearful Whisper)
You Forced Nations To War
Killed Men, Not For Land or Resources
But For Your Own Selfish Ego
You Want To Control Men
To Prove Your Superiority
How By Slaughtering Husbands
Fathers, Sons And Lovers...
Fearful Whispers, Eternal Whispers
Creatures That Appear In Your Slumber
Do Not Exist In Our World
They Are Part of The Dream Realm
They Are Called Eternals
And They Are More Powerful Than Ordinary Mortals!!!
Tampering With These Beings Can Be Very Dangerous
They Can Magnify Our Subconscious Fears
And Desires, A Thousandfold
With Recurring Nightmares Driving Us Insane....
Sirens Sound Like An Incubus
Such Creatures Bring Erotic Dreams To
People, In The Far Reaches of Imagination
Shrouded From Mortal Eyes, Lies...
... The Dream, Realm..
The Royal Chambers of Aletha
Sister of The Nightmare King
Goddess of Erotica!!!
It's Time To Meet Her
In your Hell - Dreams!!!

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