Major Accident Warboots Lyrics

Massacred Melodies Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Schizophrenic
  • 2 (Standing on the) Sidelines
  • 3 Last Night
  • 4 Psycho
  • 5 People
  • 6 Terrorist Gang
  • 7 Warboots
  • 8 Mr. Nobody
  • 9 Self Appointed Hero
  • 10 That's You
  • 11 Brides of the Beast
  • 12 Classified Information
  • 13 Middle Class Entertainment
  • 14 Clockwork Toys

  • In the cobblers gleaming new
    Made to measure just for you
    Takes you weeks to save the pile
    But in the end it's all worth while

    Warboots warboots crush and grind
    Warboots warboots one track mind
    Warboots warboots crush and grind

    When you've got them on your feet
    And you are cruising in the street
    No one dares stand in your way
    If they do they're going to pay

    Rubber hand in iron glove
    Christen in another's blood
    Doesn't matter about the cause
    Life's the same it always was

    Warboots warboots ten feet tall
    Warboots warboots never fall
    Warboots warboots stomp and pound
    Warboots warboots give no ground
    Warboots warboots iron glove
    Warboots warboots crush and grind

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