Annihilator Warbird Lyrics

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War, the name of the game
Take you down to the wire
There's gonna be hell to pay
Gonna set your world on fire

Bombs, blowin' it up
The order, annihilation
This is the wayx we'll **** you up
Welcome to your devastation

Fly, fly with the warbird
Die, die by the warbird [x2]

Fire, give it all you got
We're gonna make this ****ers burn
Raining death from high above
Way past the point of no return

Rush, unleash the power
You'll never see the coming attack
At three thousand miles an hour
You'll never feel the god-damned impact


Perish in a firey hell
No turning back
You'll never live, no story to tell
Get ready, second attack

Boom. They begin to strike
The ultimate supremacy
Never before have they seen the like
It's the ultimate insanity

[REPEAT CHORUS] Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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