Trip Lee War Lyrics

The Good Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 New Dreams
  • 2 Robot
  • 3 I'm Good
  • 4 War
  • 5 Fallin'
  • 6 iLove
  • 7 Know Me
  • 8 One Sixteen
  • 9 Heart Problem
  • 10 Take Me There
  • 11 Beautiful Life
  • 12 Fantasy
  • 13 Love On Display
  • 14 For My Good
  • 15 Good Thing
  • [Chorus]
    This is war
    Like you ain't seen
    This winter's long
    It's cold and mean
    When life and death go to battle, ain't no tellin' what'll happen
    When life and death go to battle, ain't no tellin' what'll happen
    When life and death go to battle, ain't no tellin' what'll happen
    It's war tonight, it's death and life

    This the kind of war you ain't never seen ever
    Soldiers gettin' ragged, homie, heads gettin' severed
    Death toll's crazy like nothin' on record
    Civilians ain't safe, man, the troops might get ya
    Can't run or hide, 'cause them guys gon' catch ya
    They never get tired, never let up
    They're fired up, wired up, to put you on a stretcher
    But is the good side tough enough? You bet yah
    Yeah you got bad guys, you know they a problem
    Tryna overthrow the King, yep that's what we call Him
    No life fulla dark knights, no Gotham
    This ain't fake death, no possum, can't anybody stop 'em?
    Tombstones everywhere, dead bodies rottin'
    Big glocks poppin', bodies still droppin'
    But I ain't gon' cry though, 'cause Death'll get swallowed
    The Father sent His Son and the troops gon' follow


    The Son came down to the wasteland we in
    A death-filled mess, He'll win, no leavin'
    No rest til Death's killed, the fight ain't even
    And death won't be left still breathin' (get'm)
    The Son's on the frontline crossin' their borders
    Invadin' enemy land, but they can't thwart Him
    A good troop will graze him, and they ain't even force him
    But God use that sin to support Him
    They capture the King, next thing they shots rang out
    General is down, the troops are like "We out"
    The life-giver dies, and the other side celebrates
    But they ain't know that hell is fate, the devil faced
    They never say, if he's the beast who's the featherweight
    Just when they thought they took Him down, He would elevate
    Death can never take pride in that blow
    'Cause the King beat death when He died and He rose


    It really might seem like the war's still goin'
    People still dyin', sin is still potent
    The devil's still temptin', and evil ain't slowin'
    Just wait until that trumpet gets blowin'
    The general is comin' with keys in His hands
    The death and Hades they'll freeze where they stand
    To see they've been defeated, please understand
    If they don't wanna see Him, bro the King is the man
    He's the man of war, a beast on the battlefield
    Obliteratin' all the evil forces that are killed
    What you seen, death? Oh you don't got it, bro
    Where's your victory? Oh you've been swallowed whole
    And when He's back ain't no fightin' Jehovah
    He'll toss you in a lake of burnin' fire and sulphur
    He's a titan, a soldier
    He'll wipe away our tears, and our fears, and all our pain and death will be over


    Written by: Alex G Medina, Allen Swoope, Dustin Kensrue, Natalie Lauren Sims, William Lee Barefield
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., MUSIC SERVICES, INC.

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