Magic War Lyrics

White Eyes Track Listing
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 War
  • 3 Hustler
  • 4 What U Gonna Do
  • 5 Creepers
  • 6 I'll Be There
  • 7 What Up Then
  • 8 Shake A Little Something
  • 9 Fire
  • 10 Good Life
  • 11 What
  • 12 With You
  • 13 Friday
  • 14 Ball Like Us
  • 15 Never Slippin'
  • 16 Smoke On
  • 17 Forgive Us
  • 18 Outro
  • (*talking*)
    This organization was built on me
    What I put together, that no man come in between
    I am the foundation, and I will weather the storm
    You don't want to go to, you don't want to go to
    You don't want to go to war with us
    You don't want to go to, you don't want to go to
    You don't want to go to war with us
    My *****s be too dangerous
    You don't want to go to war with these
    Soldier boys we bout it bout it, so ***** please whooa
    You don't want to go to war with us
    My *****s be too dangerous
    You don't want to go to war with these
    You hating my click, well ***** please whooa
    See I'm sick dog, and I rip your lip off, if I get pissed off
    Or ripped off uh-huh, that's when the **** starts
    I'm vicious, I didn't get all of my shots
    When I bite I lock, and I won't let loose until the bones pop
    And I watch you, until your vital signs stop
    And walk off in the night, with no worries **** the cops
    This **** is real dog, play with us and watch how many pop up
    In the junk yard scattered round, bodies all chopped up
    If I flip out, I take a quick flight up out the country
    Better ask somebody, Mr. Magic he acts a donkey
    I spit **** that make the average, not stand a chance
    And I keep spitting until the top dogs, know I'm the man
    I'm running you back to the streets, go and hustle the corners
    This time I'm playing for keeps, so I think you wouldn't want to
    Four see-notes turn to dimes, and dimes turn to ones
    Your pockets is getting young son, so
    Close and personal with the sorrow
    Connected with the, crooked to fire your hips
    Whole nation regretting, that their punishment raised killas
    You forget about having this, the game not fair
    No trusting in one another, when the love not there
    I promise thug life, *****s control this track
    Since you *****s twisted the game, we just twisting it back
    I'm related to hurting, hurting by material praise
    Settle for less, and let the stress make us forget about better days
    Have mercy, these demons wouldn't guide us right
    We come if nobody's trying to make it, to the guiding light 
    I'm a victim of living, pay me what you owe and hate
    And let me die, with a smiling face
    Just me and my people thugging forever, we no longer bleed no mo'
    And who so ever approach us, don't wan breathe no mo' 
    Give a blessing to every *****, that held us down
    My people issue in hell right now
    I'm a ridiculous lyricist, you hear the fire in my vocals
    You can't keep up, and oh well got me some more sales
    25 years old, but I'm young and I'm still learning
    This **** just pours outta me, keep the c.d.s burning
    **** gold, I'm trying to sell a couple of mill
    If this ain't my year, then somebody is getting killed
    Excuse my anger, but I feel like I'm being cheated
    I won't be denied, I refuse to be defeated
    If we broke we jacking, anything got cash
    If I can't make it in this rap, y'all better kill my ***
    Cause I click off knock your **** off, and leave you stuck out
    If I let you live, then pray ***** cause you been lucked out
    Ahh I abuse you, and the shadow behind you
    Beat you both to death, where they mama she couldn't find you
    And them people that signed you, got to charge it to the game
    Still the same, ain't a thang changed
    [Chorus - 1/2]

    Written by: Aaron James Matthews

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