George Jones Walls Can Fall Lyrics

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I once stood in the darkness I couldn't see a light
Backed up against the wall I built around my life
I'd run out of reasons to ever love again
But somehow you found a door and you came waltzing in

Walls can fall, storms can end
Skies can clear, hearts can mend
All it took was your sweet love to rise above it all
You can build 'em strong and tall, but walls can fall

Here we stand together with stones enough to build
A bridge into forever beyond the highest hill
The past will fade behind us if we let the future shine
Not a thing can come between us if we always keep in mind that


You can build 'em strong and tall but walls can fall

Written by: Billy Wayne Yates, Bruce C. Bouton, Frank Dycus
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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