Redman feat. Def Squad & Biz Markie Walk in Gutta Lyrics

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{"One-two one-two"}
... W, K, why, A
Haha, Def Squad *****z
{"One-two one-two"}
Gilla Gilla Gilla Gilla, Gilla House
Ooh {"So let's do a little somethin like this"}

Yeah, yo, check it out
I'ma walk in gutta, get that butter
Only dude with a weed sign on the chucker
Hood down, car kinda loud from the muffler
Like DAMN when I profile at the Rucker
*****es (Got Game), I'm (Above the Rim)
Call my gun Magnolia Soulja Slim
Do "The Freak" on the floor, two steps to the side
Talk greasy like Popeye's breast and a thigh
I got sour diesel roll
One hit of this *****, your whole staff is (out of control) {"Ohh!"}
I'm programmed for winnin, Sean John to denim
Fly guy got shoes with fish in water swimmin
You pointed me out, bad guy with the mouth
I'm Oscar, no wonder muh'****er I'm a (Grouch)
I work around dirt, eyes focused on turf
You tried to hide before your NexTel chirp!
Blaow gotcha, you the best ***** call the doctor
Like Chinese tryin to salsa
It's never gonna be in (Groove), call Stella back
Holiday Inn 'em, then back in the shuttle van
***** give me head on the first date, what a fan
Three best MC's I think on the other hand
Stand like an officer, not a gentleman
*****z get rich off of stolen car settlements!

[Chorus: Biz Markie (Erick Sermon)]
I say yes yes y'all {"One-two one-two"} to the beat y'all
Party havin people guaranteed to be like havin a ball
Hah hey-hey-hey, we gon' do a lil' somethin like this I say
(Y'knowmsayin so I said)
I say yes yes y'all {"One-two one-two"} to the beat y'all
Party havin people guaranteed to be like havin a ball
Hah hey-hey-hey {"So let's do a little somethin like this"}
(Huh, huh, why'knowmsayin so I said)

[Erick Sermon]
(Yeah) I also walk in gutta, holdin my ****
A New York ***** man back in the mix
I walk up in the spot man cameras click
Cheese, all out my pocket; can't stop it (uhh)
All you can do now boy is just respect it
I ain't par tomorrow but the E is connected
Look what happens when you spin the records
Hip-Hop at its best, nothin to mess with (yeah)
I'm right here, there's no need to download
I attract hoes, I ain't gotta hound those
I call the shots, no need to brown-nose
Cut the check at 40 grand for shows
I'm (Fresh) like Doug E., I show ya
The beat got it (Clap) like them boys from 'Nolia, I told ya
Yeah, I do it real big by a coat check
With no bling-bling around my neck, yup
Redman and Sermon, with two icons
*****, I got a gut, **** pythons
I'm an extremist (huh) who shake tracks the meanest
I'm what a hip-hop fiend is


[Keith Murray]
Yeah, I also walk in gutta, reppin my clique
A Def Squad ***** yeah, all in your mix
*****z talk **** you get your *** kicked
I ain't a Blood, but I'll throw you out the whip (word up)
What you know about Pinot Gregio and roasted duck (huh?)
With a mean street team outside posted up
Toasted up, ready to roast a duck (uh-huh)
When I say street team, I don't mean *****z that put posters up (word)
Let's be blatant, you achin and ancient
We capered in your hood with dirty machetes and bloody aprons
I'll acquire a tec, quiet your rep
Stay quiet as deaf, or Kanye's choir rep (uh-huh)
As I make another left, quiet I crept, quiet you slept
I'm back with the tec, like I never left (surprise *****z!)
See frivolous beef'll get you curiously shot (uh-huh)
You ****in with Keith, I think seriously not (hell no)
I ATTACK like a blue-nose pit off gunpowder (yeah)
And love to soup the beef up just like clam chowder
With my Squad in the house, we misbehave
Get drunk and tongue-kiss *****es like Flavor Flav


{"One-two one-two... please man don't get with that bullshit"}
{"So let's do a little somethin like this..."}
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