Sarah Fimm Walk Away Lyrics

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You're no longer welcome.
Some little voice inside of me said take your feet and walk away.

Count to ten.
Take it slow.
It's as though it's no one's fault at all.
Don't turn around.
If you do there will be hell to pay...
Just walk away.

Walk away.
How did I hurt you?
Let me make it all ok
Before we part and we believe that this was all there was to say.

Will you be guest?
Make the change.
It's as though it's no one's fault at all
Put on your walking shoes
See you the next time you pass through the next time I will have to ask you to...
Walk away.

And I never said this would be easy
I can hardly stand.
We just keep

Spinning around
Spinning around it

I wish you well.
You can take your bow.
I'll take what's left of me now...
And walk away.


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