The Gathering Waking Hour Lyrics

The eyes are made to see
They see the paths of our lives

The heart is there to feel
It feels the energy of our time

I can see it
I can feel it

This is my waking hour
This is my place
I can hear it
I feel the power in my heart
And is my moment
It is right there
And it's staring me in the face

Disguise and make-believe
I see the end of all demise
The only way to heal
Is in the honesty of your eyes

The fight is done
And who are we to judge
What will become
All the iron armor
Is laid down away
Followed by the heroes
Who belong on rested earth, we pray
We feel the rescue coming near
Within the woken soul to hear
we sense the calm all wrapped in fear
And all the while we heed
The senses way too vast to see
We beg of you to not let go
Our names will provide us with a soul

Falling down
Start again
Life can bring you down
The monumental truth
Of elegance in you

Falling for
A part of who you are
Makes you shine inside

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