Big L Wake Up Show Freestyle Lyrics

[Big L]
Yo, everybody place your tapes in the deck so you could record
The Wake Up Show where Sway and Tech be catchin' crazy wreck
DJ Tech plays the hits in the phattest way
On the mix from nine to midnight every Saturday
Take it from me, Mr. M.V.P
Better known as Big L on the M.I.C
Cause yeah, as soon as I pick up a mic and start flowin', the people yell
I'm rugged as hell, brothers could tell, that none of you rappers are hangin' with L
And tonight I'm your guest host
Even though I'm from the East, I got love for the West Coast
You think I won't last long, you wrong
Remember I'm that same kid who put it on and on (yeah!)
I run with intruders, looters and sharp shooters
Who spark buddhas and hit thick honeys with large hooters
I'm the brother that be jumpin' on a stereo
So when I walk the streets the ladies be tappin' they friends like "There he go!"

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