Maren Ord Waiting Lyrics

Waiting Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Perfect
  • 2 Sarah
  • 3 All I Want
  • 4 Beautiful
  • 5 Swallow
  • 6 Harsh Words
  • 7 Just Like You
  • 8 Tonight
  • 9 Relate To
  • 10 Waiting
  • 11 Speak
  • I'm sitting here
    And I'm waiting patiently
    For the clock to turn
    It's not all that fast today

    So I'm on my own
    But I know I'm not alone
    I'll be witnessing
    A happy ending

    I'm sitting here in silence
    I'm waiting here patiently
    And I'm wondering
    If you're waiting too
    I'm sitting here alone now
    And I'm waiting here on my own
    I'm wondering
    If you're waiting for me too

    I'm watching now
    And I'm seeing
    Others as they pass me by
    It's not a pretty sight
    But it will be someday

    And it's not that I
    It's not that I'm afraid of losing you
    I'm afraid of me
    And what my choices might do


    All the time I seem to wonder
    How all this is gonna end
    Will you stay with me forever and
    Tell me that you'll never go away


    Written by: Gavin Brown, Josh Charles Hefner, Gary Paul Larsen, Nora Katharine Patterson, Joshua Alan Wells, Stephen John Billeaud, Andrew Martin Poe
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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