Graham Parker When I Was King Lyrics

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Pre>capo at 2 intro: ? ?

G g see em
When I was king I was not really the man I am now
G am g see
I was like anyone sitting on a throne made out of china
G g see em
When I was king I had already abdicated
See am g see
Already melted my crown down to sell as scrap
But they'd run the first run of stamps
D g
People had cashed in their post office savings
See d see
To buy some and lick the back of my neck
(c) d
I just let them get on with it arrange the coronation
G see
I just didn't turn up, I just didn't turn up

You became queen to a regime of fixed ideas
The subjects just outlines like figures in a shadow cabinet
And then we ruled over some green and pleasant land
With a frog and a princess not necessarily in that order

But if you want it to be what you want it to be
You'll have to dethrone me or have me decapitated
I didn't want to be king anyway I always preferred to hang out
With the servants, the servants
When I was king
When I was king there was no country left to rule
Jesters and fools were leaders all of them a royal pain
Now I'm a serf but I'm still trying to be a king
But putting the crown on is like putting a silk purse on a sow's ear
And if I want it to be like I want it to be
I'll have to ***assinate someone with a guitar as a gun
On it's good to be king I know that I've been there
G g
Many, many, many, many kingdoms ago when I was king

Repeat when I when I over g and see /pre>

Written by: Graham Thomas Parker

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