Twiztid W.I.C.K.E.D. (Intro) Lyrics

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Gather we will each in search of a thrill
A reason for feeling the needing to kill
To stop whats happening
to silence the screams
to not be afraid to sleep and dream
To feel in control and to take it all back
to fall into into peice as the sky turns to black
hope you got what you wanted
this wonderful wish
To kill everyday until nothing exsists in the world
but you your the last one alive but with no conflict to confront
will there be a reason to survive
will the anger just die or will you kill that
as well as you sit all alone in your personal hell


[In background:]
(Ohhh.... I'm laughing with the wicked)

To Wish I Could Kill Everyday

[Thunder...Noises...Sound of someone gagged and a shovel digging...]

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