Ozzy Osbourne Voodoo Dancer Lyrics

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What kind of person lives behind that face?
Inside your midnight eyes I`m staring into space
I don`t understand
What kind of man do you think I am?

I`m falling out of control
You took my body and you tore out my soul
I don`t understand
I`m just a simple man I am
I am

I don`t really give a damn
You take me just the way I am
And only I have the answer
I`m not owned by Uncle Sam
And you`re still guessing who I am
I`m your voodoo dancer
Voodoo dancer

Consider my feelings just one time
I`ve done my sentence even though there was no
I`m an innocent man
I should have learned to walk before I ever ran
I`m still running

You never know the secrets that I have inside my
head I`m clever
My crystal ball it tells me all the things I
wanna know forever
Now I`m feeling the emptiness inside still
All the things I tried to hide forever
I don`t understand

I don`t really give a damn
You take me just the way I am
And I have the ultimate answer
I`m not owned by any man
And now you know just who I am
Yes I`m your voodoo dancer

Would you like to come and play in my fantasy?
There`ll be no one there baby, just you and me

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