Encryptor Vomit Congregation Lyrics

Sermon Decay Track Listing
  • 1 Cast Into Darkness
  • 2 Rebrutalization
  • 3 Sermon Decay
  • 4 Horrific Engenderment
  • 5 Vomit Congregation
  • 6 Images Of Tragedy
  • 7 Everything Must Decay
  • 8 Bloodflow Towards Salvation
  • Wish she could see the part of me
    That hides behind the love that used to be
    It got lost somehow, heart don't fail me now

    Took so long for you to mend
    And now I am face to face with love again
    Need you to show me how, heart don't fail me now

    No one ever told me there'd be someone like her
    To make it all seem worth another try
    This time love found me too afraid to take a chance
    But too afraid to let it pass me by

    I can't forget the hurt before, I'd be a fool for coming back for more
    Except this time I feel so sure
    We'll make it work somehow, heart don't fail me now

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