Pain Teens Voluptus Lyrics

Beast of Dreams Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Swimming
  • 2 Manouche
  • 3 Coral Kiss
  • 4 Accusing Eyes
  • 5 Swamp
  • 6 Embers and Ashes
  • 7 Voluptus
  • 8 Moonray
  • 9 Frigid Idol
  • 10 Skids
  • 11 The Sweet Sickness
  • 12 Invitation
  • Voluptus in your embrace I long to die
    Voluptus be my song, I'll be your singer
    Voluptus in forgotten dreams we lie
    Voluptus how our bodies intermingle
    Voluptus how your lips blot out the night
    Voluptus you're a genius of delight
    Voluptus take me with you when you sigh

    Voluptus, a child, gave me a mystery
    We got lost in each other's eyes
    His gentle voice filled a void within me
    His ample lips silenced my cries
    Voluptus, a man, led me into the shadows
    Became my earthy primordial god
    In darkness he can drown me in the shallows
    In daylight he can blind me from above

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