K’naan Voices in My Head Lyrics

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Yo, welcome to my world, please listen

Poison in my veins, inside I'm torturing my brains,
And still I try,
Voices in my head, am I alive or am I dead,
Alone I cry,

I'm still awake,a nd its quarter to six, I'm trying to write and I ain't thought of no,
I live with guilt like I slaughtered the sick, I live with shame, like my daughter a *****,
I don't make living but I still persist, I could sell out but I still resist,
So don't tell me about no pain and ****,
I was born and raised in poverty *****, And I smile all the while and don't complain,
I'm something like Gail Scott heroine, do you know what it feels like to lose a friend,
Again and again and again, again
The bitterness in the killer the poet, the river of blood within the mess flowing,
I'm the bitterness in the killer the poet, the river, the blood will keep on flowing,
People inside me say, the wanna see me go on tragically, and its evil, its evil,
Cause I'm only twenty something years old working for a crumb or some bread or nothing


The harder the struggle the deeper the trouble,
Come out of the bubble, ill teach you to cuddle,
With demons inside me, what demon is not me,
These demons inside me they got me, they stop me from feeding,
And eating and keeping it even, and even my reason for breathing this season,
? in a danger, my nose when I'm reading, its bleeding on paper, its bleeding on paper,
And I'm tired of this violence, so tortured inside, ? open inside, have I already died,
Has mom already cried? And why do I feel like I'm over this life, I'm not hateful, I'm grateful,
My girlfriend is tasteful, living it up, I might even blow, like a leak in a truck,
Wit a torch and a clutch, and explosion that leaves the hole ? the dust, and the people,
Inside me saying, they wanna see me go tragically, and its evil,
Cause I'm only twenty something, working for some crumbs and some bread


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