J. Cole Visions Of Home Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Visions of home, the streets that I roam, it’s been awhile
Raise me like the father I never had, I’m still your child
And though I’ve grown in ways that you’ve never known
I’ve ventured into the world, I’ve moved out all on my own
I’m doing this all for you, I hate to leave you alone
Seen shit you wouldn’t believe, I write em down in these poems
And put them out for the world, I know you listening too
Heard you saying shit about me I hope the shit isn’t true
Man look at the shit I came from, this narrow point of view
How you hatin’ on a nigga that wanted it more than you?
I ran through them spots with you and fucked the same bitches too
And just because I ride with you, I scrap with them niggas too
Came back for them niggas too, ain’t no trappin nigga, it’s true
Yet they play me on repeat because I rap for them niggas too
See I started with nothing but passion and then I blew
To the Roc, damn the tops a spectacular fucking view
Visions of home

Visions of home [x3]

[Verse 2]
Yeah, visions of home, this is my zone
This is my joy, this is my pain, this is my song
This for my cousin Ricky damn nigga it’s been too long
Hate that my nigga Smitty slangin’ but to each his own
Gotta feed yo’ self, smoke a little weed just to ease yourself
Fuck the whole world, I don’t need your help
You’re the reason momma had those rocks
All my niggas never even had no pops
Remember that? Ya remember that?
If ya don’t, double back
Momma found a much better crib on a safe street
But I’m still where the trouble at, where the trouble at?
That’s ‘cause my flows there, what it look like if I don’t go there?
I’m dead wrong, it’s been way too long, long
My folks there, what it look like if I don’t go there?
I’m dead wrong, it’s been way too long
Visions of home

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