Raventhrone Vision Dementia Lyrics

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Reveling in the fruit of sin
The suffering of thousands in the coming of dawn
They ate the force of time
Here we will call the powers of wrath
Calling the darkened ghouls

The feeding of weed for the sake of the damned
As pointless as is life
Among the cosmos, the cradle of stars
Where all good angels die
Here the upon gate is at hand
And we shall inherit hell
Turning the cross to the path of the damned
The way of the horned ones lair
Luring the saints in the crypt of the dead
Hate is the patron of all

Lying with the virgin of sin
The temptress of ill faith
Here the stars shine with gloom of the end
The calls remain unheard
The path to the end from the end of the land
Holding the key to the stars.

Malice in Wonderland Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Obsidian Horizon (The Infinite Azure)
  • 2 Raventhrone
  • 3 Malicia the Third (Empress of Insomnia)
  • 4 Malice Garden
  • 5 Ode to All Brave
  • 6 The Three Faced King of Dominion One
  • 7 The Stargazer (Chastise the Absolute)
  • 8 Crépuscule
  • 9 Vision Dementia
  • 10 Final Farewell (A Voyage in Cm)
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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