Union 13 Virtual Everafter Lyrics

Why Are We Destroying Ourselves? Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The End Times
  • 2 Again and Again
  • 3 No Time for Learning
  • 4 A Life's Story
  • 5 If I Knew Then....
  • 6 Faith
  • 7 Injusticia Inhumana
  • 8 No Way Out
  • 9 Sobre Vivir
  • 10 Why Are We Destroying Ourselves?
  • 11 Frustrated
  • 12 Camino a La Soledad
  • 13 No More Ideas
  • 14 Never Connected
  • 15 Why
  • 16 Virtual Everafter
  • Where we're going none of. this really
    matters what evolution ladder? building toward
    leaving the human body of obsoletequality your
    mind in a box a virtual everafter no muscles to
    create laughter in a second you can change your
    perception life, at the speed of light no more
    day and night "the prophecy of annihilation is not
    nearly enough to stop the human consciousness
    from pressing it's own luck" too bad too late the
    process has begun it's all been said and done
    between big minds hidden behind black projects
    it's not plausible to deny this

    Written by: Benjamin Sandoval, Edward Ramon Escoto, Gerardo Navarro, Jose Mercado, Louie Robert Villareal
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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