Obie Trice Violent Lyrics

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You Can Catch Me In The Hood, Up To No Good, With That Mac Like Right Beside Me, I ain't Buying No *****s, Eyeing My Figures, Deprive Me Of My Life, Try me, I'mma Rip Up Tissue, Homie I won't Miss You, This'll Be The Day That You Dying, ***** I'm Violent, You Hearing The Sirens, Once That *** Silenced For ****in' With Me, ***** I'm Violent, 'cause I'm So Tired Of These Wannabe Riders Tryna Touch Obie, 'cause ***** I'm Violent!

[Verse 1]

Hat Match The Jacket, Jack Match The Glove, Glove Match The Mack To Send *****s Above, All Black When His ****** *** Acts Up, When The Boys interrupt Them Haters Can't Wait To Duck, Cause When I Buck I Leave A Peep Hole In His Face, They Peep "O" In The Place, Then They Get A Bad Taste In They Mouth, Runnin' His Lip I Pull That "Ouch" Off My Hip Commence To Spit, I'm Too Grown For This, But They Tend To Back To When Ya Known, For Riff Raff, That'll Be His ***, ****in' With This Cat!


[Verse 2]

They Say "O" Calm Ya Nerve, But Some *****s Need To Be Served, Cause This Purpose Is Unheard Of, Blacks Done Seen To Much Murder To Flirt With Death, Gassy Fields It Ain't Nothing Left, that's When The Weapon Is Takin Its Last Breathe, If He Think For A Second He Takin Me Outta My Flesh, Violent When It Comes To Puttin Obie To Rest, Natural Cause The Only Way They Says Left, Not From No Hater, I Got To Many Guns, So When It Comes To That **** I'm Off One *****.


[Verse 3]

Incapacitatin', "Oh No", I'm So, Observational I Recognise You Ho's, Nocturnal ************'s Nockin Ya Man's, Cause I'm Sittin On Paper Bigger Than Shaq's Hands, Plus Every Chance I Get Obie Advance From Spittin And Get Riches, I'm So Enhanced, And ***** *** *****s Tryna Slow My Plans, Realest **** A ***** Ever Spoke To Fans, Listen I Take Ya Kites And A Pen, A ***** Ever Offend Again And that's On My Kid!


Written by: Luis Edgardo Resto, Marshall B. Iii Mathers, Obie Trice, Steven Lee King
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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