The Birthday Massacre Video Kid Lyrics

Nothing & Nowhere Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Happy Birthday
  • 2 Horror Show
  • 3 Promise Me
  • 4 Under the Stairs
  • 5 To Die For
  • 6 Video Kid
  • 7 Over
  • 8 Broken
  • 9 The Dream
  • Next phase, next craze, next nothing new.
    Got the pretty boy beat him up black and blue.
    Broke the sissy boy's teeny toy heart in two.
    Turned him into a video kid like you.

    I know we're just pretending.
    There's no window for escape.
    I know you see right through me.
    There's no promise left to break.

    Shot the pretty boy killed him on commodore.
    Need a new game, need a new something more.
    Got a new face got a new way to score.
    Got a voice like something I've heard before.

    The message misleading.
    We're lying, we're cheating.
    We're only repeating.
    The motions preceding.

    Written by: Michael Rainbow
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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