Parokya ni Edgar Victor Would Lyrics

Gulong Itlog Gulong Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 (Intro) Magic Time... Minsan
  • 2 Halaga
  • 3 Picha Pie
  • 4 (Filler) Order Picha Pie
  • 5 Wag Mo Na Sana
  • 6 (Filler) Tanong Mo Kay Papa
  • 7 Lazy
  • 8 (Filler) Shine Sapatos
  • 9 Gising Na
  • 10 (Filler) Yakinikitombo
  • 11 Cobrabird
  • 12 (Filler) Nagtatanong Ka Na Eh
  • 13 Inuman Na!
  • 14 (Filler) Yakinikitombo... Happy Birthday Toyo
  • 15 Saan Man Patungo
  • 16 Victor Would
  • 17 (Filler) Pwedeng Makausap Si Girlie?
  • 18 Kailan Pa
  • 19 (Filler) Repair Sapatos
  • 20 Barkada
  • 21 (Filler) Itlog Ng Pugo
  • 22 Moonsong
  • 23 Mukha Ng Pera
  • 24 (Filler) Pwedeng Magtanong
  • 25 (Outro) Magic Time
  • i blame you for being what you are
    i blame you for waht i'm going through right now
    i'm sorry if these words don't come out right
    i'm sorry now that i don't have anyone to blame

    @ yeah i did everything i could just to make say i would
    do anything for you
    anfdi want to say you're mine
    but you came to fine but you threw it all away

    i open my eyes while dreaming
    and my vision of you start fading
    i pray that you wouldn't stop believing
    wait up coz my horizons are changing


    so you think the fact brings/means so much to me
    that you come to make me see that things are gonna be allright
    never thought you would've realize
    part of me is confusing our lives
    with the feelings i've got from you


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