Saint Vicars of Fate Lyrics

Warriors of the Son & The Gentiles Demo Track Listing
  • 1 Plan II
  • 2 Legions of the Dead
  • 3 Abyss
  • 4 Warriors of the Son
  • 5 Vicars of Fate
  • 6 Time's Wasting
  • 7 Abyss
  • 8 Worrying World
  • 9 Self Made Man
  • 10 Space Cruiser
  • Life is aborted truth is distorted there’s rampage heresy
    Priest in their anger rulers of danger telling their lies continuously
    Masters of nighttime corrupt and foul vicar of Christ is claimed
    They’re self-appointed and self anointed
    For their mistakes they’ll give you the blame

    All the killing, all the pain
    What once was does it Still remain

    Unworthy leaders leading the pack
    Setup the victim for their attack
    With words of wisdom Hard to deny
    They’ve failed to see the log in their eye
    Their truth so deadly so full of hate
    They made their own law and sealed their fate
    This institution it’s just a lie
    These puffed up teachers fall to their pride

    All the killing, all the pain
    Dark Age prophets they, still remain

    Can’t you see that their road is a dead end?
    They’ll grab your soul, and then try to pull you in
    They’ll set the snare then pull your hair
    They’re rotten to the core
    Just one escape from hells own fate
    You know which way you’ve got to go

    Onward to conquest to take the world
    To rule the nation, swine and their pearl
    Running all mankind engulfed with fear
    Deaths to the first one who refuse to hear
    Raping the women with no sorrow
    Baring their children world full of woes
    These evildoers, looking so clean
    They’ve made themselves the ultimate
    Death machine

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