Meek Mill Versace (Freestyle) Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Versace, Versace
Its killers, real niggas that’s all in my posse (shooters)
I’m getting so rich that they making up rumors that I’m illuminati (rich)
Just me and my niggas we killin’ these bitches, go body for body (murder)
These suckers be hating, they praying to God that I don’t cop a Bugatti
Hold up, drop the top on the Rari
Pull in the club and I’m stopping the party
Hold up, got bitches on bitches
They poppin’ on molly’s I’m prolly at Follies with PeeWee and Tip
Of course I went Lu
I did everything that I said I would do
I really won’t tell you that I’m better than you
But we’re not on the same level as you
Cause the G55 got a hell of a view
Regular niggas make regular moves
With ya regular bitch and ya regular crew
And you nigga still smokin on regular too? Like word?
What a shame, my nigga
Louboutin blood like Game, my nigga
Get left tryna aim, my nigga
Like Saddam Hussein, my nigga
I’m whippin’ this brand new machine
Hundred bands in my jeans
Call your bitch Barry Sanders
She done ran through the team
I got hoes out the D
They playing on the team
Do anything for me
I mix that xan with the lean
Hold up, let me get it back
Versace, Versace
I’m gettin’ this money, I’m stackin’ my broccoli (racks)
I’m running my city
You might gotta pay me if you land on my property (tax)
I bought the boardwalk and I parked on the ave
Shit, my life’s like monopoly
You caught a new case and you got outta jail
Boy, you look like a cop to me
(Get out of jail free card?)

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