Russell Watson Va, pensiero Lyrics

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It goes, thought, on the golden wings Cross the mountains and fly over the oceans Reach the land, find the place to where all children go Every night after listening to this lullaby, There you' ll find their heroes alive, protecting their innocence. Bless them all, their simple soul I also know and I know wonderful. It goes, thought, on the golden wings Let this beautiful dream carry on for all night long ARPA of or of the fatidical ones goes to you because dumb from the salice slopes? The memories in the chest raccendi us favella of the time of the time that was! It goes, thought, on the golden wings it goes, it rests to you on the clivi, olezzano tepide and the where soft necks the sweet aure of the ground natal!

Written by: Hans-Guenter heumann, temistocle solera, giuseppe verdi
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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